Sometimes we stay in relationships to long and for the wrong reasons when the truth is it was over a long time ago.

For whatever reason its changed, and as Gladis Knight said (Neither one of us wants to…


Be Encouraged

I'v been thinking about how the world is moving lately and the racial tention everywhere..

Here's my take on this issue, the one thing I'd like to see is people trying to make a difference where ever you may…


It's Destiny

It's our destiny that will bring us together even though it doesn't look that way rt now but.. Time has a way of bringing things together at just the rt time...



Be A Light..

Where ever you are be a light... Somebody's watching you, you'll never know the difference you make peoples lives by just saying hello or smiling.

We're living in a world where the light is dim everywhere but. If you


Am I really living the life

How can I truly get  the most out of this life..What should I expect from others, where's my place..


Thank you so much

Hello everyone ... My apology for posting this so late .. I really want to thank everyone for supporting this musical journey... And to those who come out to the shows .. I appreciate you stopping by and  checking out…

Spending time together

One of the keys to keeping your relationship strong is spending quality time together..
relaxing, talking, sharing and just hanging out with each other. So, the question is...
how do you spend time with each other?

Learning to listen to each other

Learning to hear what's being said in our relationship is more then just listening..
 Little things can build up into big problems.. each persons feelings matter so don't take them for granted
true love should be unconditional ..... It's not…

We don't even talk anymore.

 How do you put the spark back into your relationship when you don't even talk anymore..
Try to find that spark that attracted you to each other.. Everyday won't be all love but.. thats when
you should get closer to

Make it Last Forever

You found her, you romanced her.. now what are you gonna do to keep her..

Fall in love..

I fall in love with u everyday ...  I can't get enough of you...