Lets talk


Sometimes we stay in relationships to long and for the wrong reasons when the truth is it was over a long time ago.

For whatever reason its changed, and as Gladis Knight said (Neither one of us wants to be the first to say good bye)

Life is to short and happiness is important. So spare each other the pain of living a lie and sit down and talk about it.

Maybe you'll fix it or maybe you won't but be true to your heart and each other...

Be Encouraged 

I'v been thinking about how the world is moving lately and the racial tenstion everywhere.

Here's my take on this issue, the one thing I'd like to see is people trying to make a difference where ever they might  be..

Hate can't happen if we don't let it.. If someone says something crazy to you don't put fuel on the fire just walk away..

Try to be apart of the solution not the problem and you'll change the atmosphere in those situations ..

It's Destiny 

It's our destiny that will bring us together even though it doesn't look that way right now. but, the universe has a way of bringing things together at just the right time...


Be A Light.. 

Where ever you are be a light... Somebody's watching you, you'll never know the difference you make in someone's life by just saying hello or smiling.

We're living in a world where the light is dim everywhere but, if you Shine and I Shine we can change the world "IMAGINE!"

Thank you so much 

Hello everyone... My apologies for posting this so late. I really want to thank everyone for supporting this musical journey... And to those who come out to the shows, I appreciate you stopping by and  checking out the website and sharing 
the music with your friends. Again... THANKS!

Spending time together 

One of the keys to keeping your relationship strong is spending quality time together...
relaxing, talking, sharing and just hanging out with each other. So, the question is...
how do you spend time with each other?

Learning to listen to each other 

Learning to hear what's being said in your relationship is more then just listening...
Little things can build up into big problems... each person"s feelings matter so don't take them for granted
true love should be unconditional... It's not just our commitment but it's the journey in staying committed to our relationship...

We don't even talk anymore. 

How do you put the spark back into your relationship when you don't even talk anymore?
Try to find that spark that attracted you to each other. Everyday won't be all love but, thats when
you should get closer to each other and build a stronger foundation to stand on...
hang in there because the good times can out weigh the bad times if you work at it..
Your thoughts?